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Common sense doesn't always apply here
25 May 1987
I am:

Current Spank-Victim of Nakama Headmistress Ari. Evil Gatekeeper to the nakamanga community :D. Proud to be a sheep. I read a lot, lurk a lot (which is what this LJ is for, most of the time), but sometimes I write about many things, mostly fannish stuff and RL. Most RL stuff is locked away so if you want to read it, drop me a line.

I QC and edit for Nakama, so this will probably come up sometimes too, if you're not comfortable with me discussing naked boys, this is not the journal for you.

I also might upload stuff infrequently, but that's locked 90% of the time as well ^^.

I like:

Any variation of text, be it books, articles or porn fanfic.

I also like music, and if you think you know some music I might like, omg gimme! I'm always on the look-out for more.

You are here:

Because I probably like your writing, your art or your posts.

I friend people after following their LJ for a while and occasionally commenting, but I don't expect anyone to friend me back, for the possible exception that I know you personally. If you friended me, and we haven't interacted before, it's nice if you drop me a line to show me you're not a russian spy-bot :D.

Fannish Pursuits:

I'm a fannish butterfly. I float from one fandom to the next.
I don't really have a 'main fandom' anymore, usually I just troll my delicious network or my friendslist for my current obbsessions :D.

I'm not a writer myself, nor am I in any way graphically talented but I love reading and seeing other peoples' phenomenal outputs in fandoms such as Merlin, Hawaii Five-O and Anime Fandoms.


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