Common sense doesn't always apply here (miaruma) wrote,
Common sense doesn't always apply here

One Piece 598

OMFGOMFGOMFG AWESOME! The translation is the typical RUSHJOB weird, but after 4 weeks I take what I can get!

The spoilers have been out for about 2 days now, and the new character design IS AWESOME! At first I was very hesitant, because I hate change and all that, and the tiny version of the colourspread made Sanji look weird, and I was all ODA NOOOOO, but then once I read the finally scanlated chapter ALL WAS RIGHT IN THE WORLD :D!

The hilarious:

  • Zoro arriving first, oh Zoro, I hope Mihawk dropped you off! And I hope you know how to find your way back, since you're gonna get totally lost... or maybe the eye he lost (hopefully not the arm :( - tho in the big colourspread it doesn't really look like he lost his arm...) enabled him to finally follow directions :D
  • SANJI'S EYEBROW AHAHAHAHA. No wonder we didn't see his left eye for 13 years, tho now I wonder what's going on with his right eye!
  • Brook being the dead love-child of Jimi Hendrix and Freddy Mercury! Of course he has a world tour and is the Soul King! Oh Brook, I missed you!

The awesome:

  • I love Usopps new get up! He's so buff now, and probably taller! And closer to the brave warrior of the sea!
  • I love Nami's new get up! Of course her boobs got bigger >.> oh Oda...ilu. And I just loved her casual dismissal of fake Luffy and the offhand destruction of the bar they're in! She got even MORE competent in the last 2 years and I love it. I think that even though she obviously caters to the male gaze, look-wise, she is still one of the best female characters out there!
  • CHOPPER! Oh chopper, you have changed the least (except for your hat) look-wise so far, I think you got even cuter, even though you're 17 now. Ahahaha, man Pedobear approves! And Chopper totally falling for the fake strawhats FFFF stay adorable chopper ALWAYS stay adorable!
  • LUFFY OMFG LUFFY! Of course he befriends (well more like leads :D) the animals of the island and is kinda sad that he can't eat them now! And him just... barely running into fake Luffy and knocking him down, man I cannot wait to see what Oda has instore for him!
  • Robin, I missed you so, sexy archeologist of my heart!

SO next chapter better have the most epic grouphug ever (with added Zoro and Franky) and ch 600 please be Fishman island? Because I do wonder what Jimbei is doing and what the entrance to the new world is gonna be like!

Thank god next week will have the next chapter :DDD!

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